ABOUT Nest Mission

Nest Mission has been organized on the 24th of October in 2006 by Korean-American church leaders in order to respond to the growing crisis of homelessness in Washington State that has been getting worse along with economic downturn and lack of low income housing. Later it has been registered as a non-profit organization in the State and federal government.

  1. To put into action the compassion of Jesus Christ for the homeless.
  2. To end homelessness.
  3. To urge and challenge Korean-American communities to return their blessings to the local poor.
  4. To guide the homeless to God so that they may find hope and be motivated to live as responsible and productive citizens.
  5. To help experience holistic salvation by meeting physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.​

“Nest Mission.” The name is based on Matthew 8:20, Jesus said, "Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.” We wanted to be the "nest” for the homeless people in order to end homelessness. In efforts to carry out our mission statement, in the earliest days of Nest Mission, we started by offering rental assistance. The program's goal was to offer rental assistance to people who were fortunate enough to be discharged from the shelter systems but who had no immediate money to move into housing.


With limited resources, the priority of our service goes to the current/former homeless or those who are at risk of becoming homeless. The homeless population includes those who are laid off or evicted from their homes due to the economic downturn. Some are victims of abuse and broken homes, chronic substance abuse, domestic violence, divorce, and emotional issues. Many haven’t had good role models and suffer from poor life skills. Some are employable but can’t find work. Most have lost hope and motivation. Their needs are great. Feeding is just basic. We are called to serve beyond feeding and guide toward healing and self-sufficient life.


Up to now, the major financial supporters have been Korean immigrants with occasional support from the Korean-American community. As our ministry grows continually, however, our donors are getting diversified. Some support us with in-kind donations. We have many generous donors/volunteers who willingly share their blessings with the local homeless. We thank God for them. Praise the Lord!


For Edmonds/Lynnwood Fridays dinner (5:30pm, temporarily closed), we host with a partnership with Maplewood Presbyterian Church. For Tacoma/Lakewood Thursdays dinner (5:00pm, temporarily closed​), we host with a partnership with Manitou Park Presbyterian Church. Weekly dinners are offered by local Korean-American churches and individuals along with the host church. We partner with other churches or agencies, such as Jean Kim Foundation (JKF), NIN of TLC, 211, Verdant Health Commission, YWCA Pathway, Catholic Community Services, Volunteers of America, Emergency Cold Weather Shelter, Vision House, Hand Up Project, Force of Hope, Veteran Resource of Snohomish County, and Homage Senior Service, for new start rental assistance, crisis intervention, emergency motel stay, Christmas motel stays, etc. Without partnership, this mission is impossible! Together and with God’s help, we see miracles.

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