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 Any one or groups are welcome and appreciated who are willing to donate and support the Nest Mission financially. We are federally registered a non-profit organization that has 501C(3). Thus, all your donations will be tax-exempt. Your monetary contributions​ also will be used thoroughly to help homeless people to reclaim their lives and dignity. If you want to donate, please write a check payable to Nest Mission and send it to the address below:
Nest Mission
PO BOX 5782
Lynnwood, WA 98046
Annual Fund Raising Event​​
In every October, we have celebrated our anniversary since 2006. We will have inspiring testimonies of recipients of rental assistance, Christmas gift of motel stay and emergency motel stay, a retreat participant, a choir member, a dinner guest, and a bible class member. Their testimonies will assure our donors that they made a good choice of supporting Nest Mission. We invite past, present and future donors. We ask businesses to put an ad in our program bulletin.
At Nest Tables each time we provide homeless people indispensable things for their survival on the street: sanitary products (soap, shampoo & conditioner, razor, etc.), underwear(S,M,L,XL,XXL sizes) and crew neck shirts(S,M,L,XL,XXL sizes), crew neck socks, etc.  In winter, we need a sleeping bag, warm blanket, winter coats, hand & foot warmer, gloves, etc.  For a seasonal gift packages for the homeless at Easter service, Thanksgiving service, and Christmas service we want boiled eggs, $5 McDonald's gift card, socks, snack bars, hand or foot warmers. In addition to these we need bus tickets, $10 Fred Meyer gift cards for homeless volunteers.
For services we do worship, health checkup, information desk, setup & cleanup, hair cut, transportation as well as kitchen & meal service. Therefore we need more talented volunteers at those services. You may participate in the worship service using your talents, such as preaching, praising, and playing musical instruments. We also need someone who has skills on photography. fundraising and website maintenance,

NEST MISSION is organized by Korean-American Christian Church leaders and lay people to respond to the growing crisis of homelessness in the Washington State. Due to her religious and charitable purposes it is registered as an tax exempt organization under section 501C (3) of the Internal Revenue Code: EIN # 42-1719907. Therefore contributions made to NEST MISSION will be tax deductible.

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