Nest Tables (Meal Service)


North Nest Table

For those interested in directing helping the homeless by had no outlet to make their intentions into actions, and because there were few places for the homeless to be fed in this area, we partnered up with Maplewood Presbyterian church to feed the homeless on every Friday night, at 19523 84th Ave. W. Edmonds, WA 98026. We started this program at March of 2009, making this our 9th year. A good meal is not only nutritional to the physical body, but it also consoles the mind and spirit. It provides comfort to the sad and hurt. To those who are prejudiced, it provides confidence, to those who have been abandoned, it provides love, to those who are guilty, forgiveness, and those who are ill, it heals them. Lonely people get to experience friendliness, family and a sense of belonging. Because everyone receives God’s love through the meal, it is a meal of healing. Also it is a communion with Jesus. Therefore, we sing a communion song before each meal. We are mindful of those who have health problems or are vegetarians for religious reasons.
South Nest Table
On the 1st of June in 2017 we have launched South Nest Table for the homeless people in Tacoma/Lakewood area. We partnered up with Manitou Park Presbyterian church located at 6613 S. Cheyenne St., Tacoma, WA 98409. We open on every Thursday at 5:00pm to 7:30pm.

Birthday Celebrations
Every first Thursday for South Nest Table or first Friday for North Nest Table of each month, we prepare a birthday cake and celebrate for the homeless people who have been born in that month.

At the Health desk a registered nurse provides a basic checkup and gives an advise for health. 

SERVICE DESK(Provision of Necessities)

Every Friday, after the dinner has been provided, necessities are provided to the homeless, including a bus pass. To them, a bus ticket is a very essential source of transportation. We have gave them 2,800 bus tickets last year. In the winter season, we give them gloves, hats, blankets and winter coats. This winter, we also need a lot of materials. If you want to donate, please contact us at anytime.

We provide a Hair cut service at the Nest Tables when volunteers are available.

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