Worship and Bible Study


We believe that 1) Spirituality is essential as homeless often ask serious spiritual questions as to who they are, what is the purpose of their life, and where God is in all of their struggles. 2) Many dinner guests express their need to cry out to God for help.  3) The Board of the Nest Mission, as well as the various cooking groups, want to offer our dinner guests a chance to worship God as our purpose states, but we don’t impose Christian faith on them. We respect their choices. 4) The worship service and the messages help undo the damage done to them by assisting them to experience positive, loving and forgiving God rather than judging, condemning God. 5) They are encouraged to lay down all of their troubles and guilt before God and experience healing.


Before we have a dinner,​ we hold a service for God. Through the words of these services, we instill in the homeless and any other soul more faith, teach prayers and encourage a habit of giving glory to God first, giving them more direction in life. In short, they meet a way to be saved at their meals. Local praise teams and clergy members sometimes come praise God with us or have service with us. The doors are always open; we welcome all of you to join us. 

We have a choir team. It has begun the inspiring leadership retreat of homeless people, under the leadership of Rev. Luther Stohs and his wife, Dr. Sheryl Stohs gave birth to homeless choir. All seven participants, who were participated First Leadership Retreat in 2011, became choir members. Dinner guests sing before worship service. Most homeless people are victims of physical, emotional and sexual violence. They carry unresolved wounds. They sing out all of their pains, problems, grief, anger and hatred. Singing is therapeutic and spiritual. They experience solidarity with one another and the presence of God. The joyful noise they make must be sweet to God's ear and may glorify God. Singing place them on the road toward healing and salvation. 

Every Tuesday on 5:00-6:30 p.m. we meet for the Bible study at Joyful Korean Church in Lynnwood. Here they contemplate their difficult situation through God’s words, reorient their direction in life, and find comfort and healing.



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