New Start Rental Assistance


Nest Mission, along with several local agencies working for the homeless, has been helping those who overcome their obstacles, such as addictions, mental illness, domestic violence, layoffs, etc., which led them to homelessness, to receive the necessary treatments and/or job training for them to stand on their feet. We support their 1st-month rental amount and/or deposit to move them into their new housing. We have helped 358 cases spending $194,315 as of 1/31/21. 

GUIDELINES: 1) Persons or families that are in need of rental assistance must be homeless in the state of Washington. 2) We will request the shelter counselors to apply for assistance on behalf of their client(s). We will rely on the client’s case workers to assess the needs and follow up on the client afterwards. 3) A client must have found an apartment and ready to move in but needs assistance with first month rent and/or deposit. 4)  A client must expect some income to afford the rent after moving in. 5) We won’t be able to offer rental assistance more than once. The amount of rental assistance will vary depending on each situation. 6) A client must receive an ongoing support service from an agency. 7) We will not discriminate clients on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion and legal status. 8) In order to expedite the process, we want to receive the application electronically. We will respond or issue a check within a week on first come first served basis. 9) No phone requests. No direct phone calls from clients.  Request the application and submit it by e-mail to:

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