Counseling, Laundry Service, Leaders Training


Those who want to go to college (C), those who want to stop drinking and drugs (S – Sobriety) and those who want to work (W) make up a workgroup and meet with Rev. Kyung Lee or Deuksil Jung by appointment.​​
Educational Programs

Our vision is to offer educational (GED) and vocational training for the currently/formerly homeless or those at risk homeless in partnership with Jean Kim Foundation for the Homeless Education, local community colleges, local churches and/or any ongoing local projects. Possible courses: GED, computer, heating/cooling, welding, sewing, criminal justice, psychology, Med. Info technician, library science, material science, machinist, etc. Need volunteer tutors for English/Algebra, and computer.
Hungry for work
Many homeless people are ones who are being laid off. They are eager to work but there is no job for them. We cry out to some friends and churches. Some churches allowed us to do a yard sale on the church parking lot.  Some gave them work. The entire earning goes to the workers.  We thank God for those God-sent angels who offer them jobs! Those who are interested in having us, may call Rev. Kyung Lee or Doug Jung.


We firmly believe that we are called to train and raise up spiritual leaders. In order to fulfill this calling, every summer we hold a retreat for the homeless. In the summer of 2011 - 2017, we took seven leaders from the homeless community to the Dumas Bay Center and for 3 days and 2 nights, worshipped, praised songs, prayed, studied the Bible and special guest lectures. Every year the seven people who came with us had a life-transforming experience through the retreat and are now active as leaders for the homeless. For the year of 2018, we seek to include even more participants, but the cost is too expensive. We seek partners or donors for this effort as well.

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