Friday Laundry and meal service, 2/19/21

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Today we have met at the Darcies laundry. We helped 13 people (15 loads) to do the laundry service. We also have provided 30 people the beef veggie soup which one of my friends has cooked with her special recipe. Everyone loves it and has as many as they can. 


I met a friend who lives in his car. He got a job and is looking for a safe temporary overnight parking space for his work. It was not successful in finding one. In the mean time, pastor Ernest talked to one of guys who asked of his car repair. Later he tried to jump cables for battery.  But it didn't work. So they went to a junkyard to get an alternator to replace. They got the car repaired and ready to drive. Thanks Ernest for his help and support!


Teriyaki Plus also provided 30 chicken teriyaki. So we have served them at the laundry as well as at the Free Showers. A friend asked a recovery housing for his detox. However, he needs to be sober at least for 5 days to get into housing. So we set up a time for the next meeting to see the result. We have arranged a motel stay for a couple who live in their car.

As we serve at the Darcies, one lady came to us and asked what we are doing. She donated her cash for our service after our explanation on the ministry. Thanks for her compassionate heart for the people in need in our community. Thanks to our volunteers! Praise the Lord who provides our daily needs. 

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  • Today we have met at the Darcies laundry. We helped 13 people (15 loads) to do the laundry service. We also have provided 30 people the beef veggie soup which one of my friends has cooked with her spe…

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