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  • Nest Mission provides a motel stay for the homeless who is discharged from the hospital after surgery and needs recovery. A room also is available for those people on the street who are sick and have…

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nestm   07/28/2018 03:50:05   1310  인기글     
  • On the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month Nest Mission provides a free laundry service @11:00am-1:30pm at the Darcies Laundromat in Lynnwood. It is located in the building of Fred Meyer on 196th St. De…

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nestm   07/28/2018 03:32:43   1319  인기글     
  • Our Mission Committee receives an application by email through local churches or agencies. Most of the applicants are ready to get into an apartment with a new job. However, they don't have a deposit …

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nestm   07/28/2018 03:19:18   1199  인기글     
  • For those interested in directing helping the homeless by had no outlet to make their intentions into actions, and because there were few places for the homeless to be fed in this area, we partnered u…

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nestm   07/28/2018 01:34:51   1192  인기글     
  • Before we have a dinner, we hold a service for God. Through the words of these services, we instill in the homeless and any other soul more faith, teach prayers and encourage a habit of giving glory t…

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nestm   07/28/2018 01:33:08   1227  인기글     
  • Christmas is the most lonely time for homeless people. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day families get together. But few homeless people have a family to go to. They experience cold physically, emotional…

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nestm   07/28/2018 01:15:17   685  인기글     

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