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Recently some people have asked us how the Nest Mission is doing in the pandemic. We are continually doing most of our ministries a little bit differently. We have stopped our indoor programs. Instead, we have developed outdoor ministries. As you know, the Maplewood Presbyterian Church in Edmonds and the Manitou Park Presbyterian Church in S. Tacoma, which has hosted our worship and meal service, has been closed since this March. During the first 3 months, with some worries, we provided some limited services to our people in need every other week. After that, having some confidence, we have done our services every week.


For the North Nest Table, each month on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Fridays we meet at the Darcies laundry on the 196th street in Lynnwood between 11:00 am and 1:30 pm. On 2nd and 4th Fridays, we meet at the Free shower which is located at the old emission center in Lynnwood @ noon. So far Doug has met 103 homeless people since March, 30-5 people weekly.  


For the South Nest Table, every Thursday our volunteers prepare 40-50 meals along with some necessities, and pastor Lee delivers them to the homeless who live in the woods, cars, and campsites. 


We have kept on doing a laundry service (2-3 times monthly and 20-25 people each time), meal service (every Thursday 50 people and every Friday 30 people each time), crisis intervention and emergency motel stay, New Start Rental Assistance, etc. We have supported 13 families (31 people) to get into their housing during the COVID-19. We also organized the BBQ meal service 3 times during this summer at the Free shower parking lot. ​ 


We know that nowadays we have disconnected from people in many ways and cannot do our normal services. However, We are learning how to connect our people in a better and intimate way during the pandemic. We see that God is working in their lives. 


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  • Last night I had got soup from one of my friends. This morning I have cooked it and brought it to the Free Showers. It smells and tastes so good. Real chef’s recipe makes it a different level of taste…

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  • Emergency Cold Weather Shelter is Open today 2/11/21​

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  • Today Randy Thurman has prepared and cooked Cheese Tortilla Roll-up and Cheese soup by himself and served 20 plus people. It was freezing cold, and people have shown up randomly. For 2 hours and …

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  • Emergency Cold Weather Shelter is Open today and tomorrow, 2/9/21-2/10/21​

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  • Today we have served 8 people to do the laundry. Seattle Woori Church has brought 35 teriyaki meals and served them here and at the free showers. The mission committee has decided to support her membe…

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  • Emergency Cold Weather Shelter is closed 2/2/21-2/7/21​

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  • Today a pastor’s wife has cooked a pot of delicious soup and served 30 people from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. Still half of the soup is left and our people keep coming. Along with the soup, we have han…

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  • Emergency Cold Weather Shelter is closed. 1/28/21-2/2/21​

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  • Emergency Cold Weather Shelter is open today 1/27/212 hours late opening!!!​ 

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  • Emergency Cold Weather Shelter is open today 1/25/21​

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